Brazos ISD Board Policy
For information regarding the following topics, please refer to a Brazos ISD Board Policy Manual.  
Copies of the manual are located in the superintendent' s office and on each campus in the principal's office. 

To access online click the following:  BRAZOS ISD POLICY ONLINE

Policy Code     Policy Title 
DAA                 Equal employment opportunity 
DBAA               Criminal history and credit reports 
DBD                 Conflict of interest 
DC                   Employment practices 
DCB                 Term contracts 
DEA                 Salaries and wages 
DEAA               Incentives and stipends 
DEC                 Leaves and absences 
DECB               Military Leave
DFAC               Return to probationary status 
DFB series        Termination of term contracts 
DFD                 Hearings before hearing examiner 
DFE                 Resignation 
DFF                 Reduction in force 
DG                   Employee rights and privileges 
DGBA               Employee complaints/grievances 
DH                   Employee standards of conduct 
DHE                 Searches and drug/alcohol testing 
DI                    Employee welfare 
DIA                  Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
DK                   Assignment and schedules 
DN series         Performance appraisal 

District Goals and Planning 
AE                   District educational philosophy 
BQ series         District - and campus-level planning
Instruction and Students 
EFA                Handling complaints regarding instructional materials
EFE                Adherence to copyright requirements 
EIA                Grading standards and grade reporting 
EIE                Promoting and retaining students 
FB                 Protection of students from unlawful discrimination 
FFAC             Providing medical treatment or medication to students 
FFAD             Excluding students with communicable diseases 
FFG               Mandated reporting of child abuse and neglect 
FFH               Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
FFI                Freedom from bullying 
FL                 Safeguarding privacy of student records 
FNA               Student expression 
FNAA             Distribution of nonschool literature 
FNAB             Use of school facilities for nonschool purposes 
FNC               Student conduct 
FNG               Handling student/parent complaints; parents' rights 
GRA               Interaction of police and child protective services with students on campus 
CAA             Financial ethics 
CK series      Employee safety practices and crisis management 
CQ               District computers and electronic communications 
CRD             Health and life insurance 
DAA             Protection of employees from unlawful discrimination 
DBAA           Criminal history and credit reports 
DBD             Conflict of interest 
DC series     Employment practices 
DEA             Salaries and wages 
DEAA           Incentives and stipends 
DEC             Employee leaves and absences 
DECA           Family and medical leave 
DECB           Military leave 
DEE             Requirements for expense reimbursement 
DF series     Termination of employment 
DGBA           Process for employee complaints and grievances 
DH               Employee Standards of conduct 
DHE             Alcohol/drug screening and other searches of employees 
DI                Drug-free workplace 
DIA              Freedom from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation 
DK               Assignment to positions; transfers 
DMD            Attendance at professional meetings on school time 
DN series     Employee evaluation/appraisal 
GBA series   Confidentiality of personnel records; public and nonpublic information   

Our vision:  

BRAZOS ISD inspires each student to become a productive citizen who demonstrates leadership, passion, and self-reliability. We foster a culture of respect, community, perseverance, and achievement.  

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