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BHS & BMS Art Syllabus

Brazos Art Program Syllabus


Brazos Middle School and High School Art courses emphasize applying the elements of art and the principles of design to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art, which communicate an idea, feeling or message. A variety of media such as pencils and erasers, blending stumps, ink, watercolor, and tempera may be used.

  • The expectations, policies, and consequences of the Brazos Art Department support those found in the Student Handbook. The expectations, policies, and consequences have been developed to promote a positive, creative and productive learning environment.

  • All Brazos students are expected to use materials, tools, and furniture safely and appropriately; to clean and return all used tools, equipment, and materials to their proper storage place, and to clean all tables used within the art room. All students are expected to sit properly in chairs and to reframe from “leaning” back in them because it is a safety issue and damages the chair.

  • Each and every student plays a vital role in establishing a friendly and respectful positive learning environment. Students are expected to actively participate in all art room activities whether working on projects, writing papers, critiquing art, working in groups, cleaning-up, or participating in class discussions. Students will be expected to use proper language and proper behavior. After one warning, inappropriate comments, behaviors, gestures or noises, too much socializing, doing nothing and/or failure to assist in cleanup will result in disciplinary consequences.

  • The mandatory art portfolio must be brought to and from class each day. It is not to be stored in the classroom and must be used to store only artwork for class. It is important to keep the portfolio neat and presentable. The Semester Exam will be a simple review of the student’s artwork. Failure to bring the portfolio to class on the day of the exam will result in a one-day late penalty.

  • Attendance is expected every day except for reasonable excuses. From time to time, absences will interfere with completing any and all assignments presented in class. A reasonable effort will be expected to complete missing assignments as soon as possible. A student’s assignment will be due the number of days after the due date that the student missed.

  • You are expected to be in class on time and begin working as soon as you arrive. Tardy consequences are covered in the student handbook.

  • Working within a school environment does place specific limitations on images produced within your artwork. Drug use references, pornographic images, gang activity, or offensive symbols will be considered inappropriate and unacceptable. Consequences will be enforced.

  • Student evaluation is based on actual art produced in class and sketchbook drawings; which includes planning and homework. Several forms of assessment will be used: formative, summative, teacher critique, group critique, peer evaluation, self- assessment and a final exam which includes a review of the student’s art portfolio. TEKS §117.302-305. Art I-IV (c) (4) (e)

  • Any assignment for a grade that is not properly labeled will be treated as unidentified and ineligible to be graded within the time frame of the grading policy and will therefore be treated as late work. It is the responsibility of the student to properly label the artwork so that it may be graded in a timely fashion. Late assignments will be graded according to each respective campus handbook policy.
  • Cellphones are to be out of site and turned off. Cellphones may be used for “research” in class with the Instructor’s permission, but not for accessing social media or texting. Also, some students may earn the privilege of listening to music as they work; however, this will only be considered for ART II – IV students only. (This is a reward, not a right!)
  • *Cellphones are not allowed. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.



BHS Grading Policy:

  • 1 day late = 85% Maximum credit
  • 2 days late = 70% Maximum credit
  • More than 2 days late = Maximum 50% credit

BMS Grading Policy:

  • 1 day late = 90% Maximum credit
  • 2 days late = 80% Maximum credit
  • 3 days late = 70% Maximum credit
  • Parental Contact Protocol goes into effect – Discipline Procedures
  • Teacher may take assignment for a maximum of 50% credit until 3 days before the end of the six weeks or assign a 0% if no work is turned in.

ALL grades are daily grades whether they are projects or quizzes.



  • Students will have three passes per Six Weeks to leave the classroom for any personal reasons. Being called out by another teacher or the office will not count against the number.
  • Use your passes wisely.


Brazos Middle & High School Art


Welcome to Art. I am pleased to have you in this class and look forward to seeing you grow as an artist. Don’t worry if you have never drawn anything in your life. This is the time to learn how to express yourself in many different methods of artistic medium.


  • Be prepared for class as soon as the tardy bell rings. 
  • Be in the classroom when the tardy bell starts ringing. 
  • Get your supplies and artwork out immediately and begin working.
  • Sitting in class talking to others, distracting others, or refusing to work will be dealt with as a discipline notice.
  • This is ART; not Algebra or Social Studies, so don’t do that class’s work in here. 6) Work on your own project and not anyone else’s. If it isn’t your artwork, keep your hands off of it. Show some respect for each other’s things and projects.
  • Clean up your mess. If I am not satisfied with the way the classroom looks, you will not be excused. The bell does not excuse you from class, I do.
  • DO NOT CUT on the classroom desks, use a cutting board or cardboard to protect the table surface.
  • NO food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom.
  • Try your “best” even if you think you are not very good at one project or another, effort can go a long way to achieving great grades.
  • When a project is due, it is due at the end of the period. 
  • Respect the art supplies. They are not going to be replaced this year.
  • All art supplies will be checked out and signed for at the beginning of class and signed in at the end of class. Do not share what you have signed for because if they break it, you will be responsible for it.
  • The teacher’s desk is off limits as well as the back table. Please, do not touch anything there.
  • The teacher has the right to assign seats to make sure the classroom is as safe and productive as possible.
  • Cellphones, iPods, and mp3 players are not allowed in class. If you have one out, expect it to be taken from you and turned in to the office. No exceptions. If you argue or refuse to turn over the cellphone, an immediate discipline notice will be written up and turned in to the office.
  • It is your responsibility to ask for assignments missed when you are absent from class. The teacher will not track you down and make sure you have what you missed. The teacher will also take into consideration due dates when you are absent.
  • If you make every effort to complete a project and just can’t complete it on time, talk with the teacher about time extensions. However, this is based on need and not on loss of classroom time due to talking or playing.
  • Standing at the classroom door waiting for the bell to ring will not be allowed.


Labeling Art Work


Labeling art work is essential in aiding with grading and identification purposes. Often, students neglect to label their papers and this creates a delay in returning papers. Artwork may also, when time allows, be stamped with the date to identify the date when it was turned in to the teacher. If a paper is turned in and is not labeled correctly, the teacher will make an effort to point out the mistake; however, do not depend on that every time. 



Updated August 10, 2020


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