Brazos Middle School

Class:  Citizenship

Teachers: Mrs. Hoelshear, Ms. Allison


Second Step is a social-emotional learning program helps students become socially skilled, form healthy relationships, make good decisions, and cope with the social and academic challenges of middle school.  This curriculum will be used in our Citizenship class.  The following topics will be covered:


Mindsets and Goals

1. Welcome!

2A. Starting Middle School

2B. Helping New Students

3. Grow Your Brain 1

4. Grow Your Brain 2

5. Can Personalities Change?

6. Setting Goals

7. If–Then Plans

Unit 1 Review and Assessment


Values and Friendships

8. Values and Decisions

9. Social Values

10. What’s a Friend?

11. Making Friends

12. Challenge: Making Friends

Unit 2 Review and Assessment


Thoughts, Emotions and Decisions

13. What Are Emotions?

14. Values and Emotions

15. Spot the Thought

16. Calming Down

17. Slow Breathing

Unit 3 Review and Assessment


Serious Peer Conflicts

18. Perspectives

19. Challenge: Perspectives

20. Recognizing Serious Conflicts

21. Challenge: Recognizing Conflicts

22. Resolving Serious Conflicts

23. Challenge: Resolving Conflicts

24. Making Amends

25. Bullying

26. Gratitude

Unit 4 Review and Assessment


Citizenship Classroom Expectations:


  1. Arrive promptly and prepared for class.
  2. Respect authority by following directives from the teachers.
  3. Respect classmates.
  4. Use classroom materials for their intended purpose.
  5. Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.
  6. Remain in assigned area.
  7. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  8. Demonstrate responsibility by bringing all necessary materials to class and completing assigned work.
  9. No gum, snacks, drinks or phones allowed.
  10. Clean up your area before leaving class.


Our vision:  

BRAZOS ISD inspires each student to become a productive citizen who demonstrates leadership, passion, and self-reliability. We foster a culture of respect, community, perseverance, and achievement.  

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